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Parent page: How New Technology Enhances Food Systems Sustainability

Technology has caused a massive revolution in various sectors. One of the areas that have primarily benefited from the new inventions is agriculture. Food sustainability is one of the benefits of the latest technologies implemented in farming and food systems.

Since the invention of powered tractors that replaced ox-drawn ploughs to robotic farming and other new devices of managing agriculture, food sustainability has been improved by technology. With advancing technology, it is expected that digital technologies will have a bigger impact on agriculture in the coming years. This post provides information on how new technology influences food system sustainability.

Data Management

Digital technology has helped the sustainability of the food system by using data to balance and reduce agricultural produces. Although many people are interested in food production and sustainability at farm levels, at supermarkets and other markets, sustainability can be hugely affected. Other sectors that affect the food system are suppliers’ departments such as seed production, fertilizers, crop insurance, and agriculture financing. If you are into food systems but also like to play casino games, you can download the Playmo app to enjoy a PlayAmo no deposit bonus and enjoy the thrilling games offered by the site.

How Technology Helps in Tackling Hunger

For some years, food systems have been falling into insufficiency level. This is where food produced is not able to sustain all people. The inadequacy, in turn, has attracted technological applications to find solutions to the riddle. For instance, drones are utilized in assessing agricultural areas that are at risk from natural disasters. Sterile insect technique is used to eradicate insects, while eLocust3 is used in monitoring the desert locusts.

Technology in Increasing Food Production

Presently agricultural production has changed due to the introduction of technological innovations.

For instance, human labour is being replaced by affordable and effective technology ways of operating. Moreover, livestock genetics and breeding also influence food sustainability.