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Parent page: How New Technology Enhances Food Systems Sustainability

Technology plays a significant role in ensuring that foods are produced in a sustainable way. There are many new innovations that have been developed to ensure the sustainability of the produced foods. These technologies are used before production and during the packaging. They include the following.


In order to do mass production of sustainable food, innovators have come up with technologies to support cultivation. For instance, advanced technology has been employed in precision farming to use real-time data to address areas of concern on the farm. There has also been the use of weather forecasting tools to monitor the weather and make adjustments that will allow the proper growth of crops and prevent diseases in animals. There are also technologies that are used in order to avoid soil erosion or to test the pH of soil.


One of the biggest headaches for food producers is to find a safe way to package their products. The use of plastic is not sustainable, and companies are always on the lookout for something that is safer for health and the environment. Using Phbottles, a new form of technology that allows companies to use biodegradable bioplastic has been adopted by many companies. There are also companies that are now using edible types of packaging, such as dried algae.

Distribution and Storage

There have also been new technologies that allow for proper distribution and storage of foods. Most of the foods that are produced, especially by the local farmers, go to waste because they tend to go bad before they reach the market. There have been technologies that have been used to help in increasing the shelf life of such foods without introducing too many additives like the food that is in the supermarkets. Technologies such as advanced driers are being used to preserve fruits and vegetables for sale.