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There are many planned events in 2020 that will focus on sustainable food production. Besides, the International Conference about Global Food Security has to address the issue of food security. The delegates in this conference can address food security concerns at all levels. Here are the ideas you need to understand about conferences addressing sustainable food systems.

Global Food Security Summit

People need to view the challenge of achieving food security globally from a different perspective. The Global Food Security meeting can help countries meet this challenge. Scientists and researchers must come up with information that can help with food security. They need to discuss the food security issue in Ottawa, and the Nutrition Conference and Food Sustainable System meeting will be crucial to the food security issue.

International Symposium for Healthy Diet and Sustainable Food Systems

Undoubtedly, many food systems and nutritious foods constitute a balanced and healthy diet. This international symposium can deliver a crucial message to its delegates. People who will attend this symposium will learn about the need to eat nutritious foods. The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations will provide this message.

In this International Symposium for Healthy Diet, people will get a key message. The information will be the culmination of a discussion held over three days. Delegates shared the experiences reflected by over 600 participants. Moreover, the participants include the 90 FAO Member States, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, non-governmental organizations and others.

Sustainable food system conferences must address global food security. Moreover, participants must come up with well-formulated, realistic and achievable policy measures. Thus, they can resolve the issue of sustainable food production.


Food security is a global concern for many countries. Moreover, people need to come up with policy measures that will protect people’s health. All these issues must be addressed in sustainable food system conferences and events.