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Parent page: Attending Conferences About Food

If you have never attended a conference about food, you should add it to your list of things to do. Many things happen in conferences about food, such as the following.

Talks on Emerging Trends

At food conferences, there are always candid discussions on some of the emerging trends in food production and preparation. They explore a range of topics such as growing sustainable foods, what is new in the world of organic food production, new techniques used to grow food, among other emerging trends. They also discuss some harmful practices that have infiltrated the food production market and how to avoid being caught up in such directions.

Networking Opportunities

Food conferences bring together different stakeholders in the food production chain, from farmers, producers of farm inputs, investors, consumers, among others. It gives the people who are attending the conference a chance to network and learn from each other. Most conferences will schedule some time to allow the people to get to know one another out of the conference sessions.

Showcasing Products

In some food conferences, people are allowed to come with samples of what they produce. They can either bring them to sell or to give them out to the attendees to sample with hopes that they can reach out later and buy from them. It is common to find tables or exhibition tents in conference facilities for people who want to purchase products.

Brainstorming Sessions on Future of Food Production

Conferences on food provide an excellent platform for stakeholders to come together and give recommendations on some of the best practises they can think of when it comes to sustainable and healthy food production. Such sessions always provide advice that, if adopted, will ensure that the food that reaches people’s plates is healthy and good enough to eat without worrying about potential health effects.