Thank you for your interest in the National Student Food Summit!

The National Student Food Summit is over for 2016. From June 17-19, 70 student delegates representing 30 university and college campuses attended the Summit and brought their passion, enthusiasm, and optimism to discuss the future of food in Canada.

Stay tuned to see when registration for the National Student Food Summit 2017 opens!


Meal Exchange

A national registered charity founded in 1993, Meal Exchange works with students on over 40 universities and colleges in Canada and has run programs in over 100 communities across the country. For more than 20 years, we have been supporting students to develop innovative solutions to enhance food security and sustainability on their campuses and in their communities.

At Meal Exchange, we believe that post-secondary campuses are an ideal leverage point for tackling food security and sustainability in Canada, and that student leaders have the power to drive this change. 

Learn more about Meal Exchange and our programs here. 


National Student Food Summit

Meal Exchange’s annual conference, the National Student Food Summit is Canada's largest leadership retreat for students passionate about working for ‘good food for all’ on campus. 

The Summit brings together students and stakeholders from colleges and universities across the country (literally Newfoundland to Vancouver Island!) to prepare for working with Meal Exchange over the summer and upcoming school year. It features training on Meal Exchange programs and tools, discussions with faculty, foodservice, and civil society leaders in the food movement, and lots of space to connect and strategize with students from campuses across the country. 


“The best part of working with Meal Exchange and attending the Summit has been the vast amount of resources I have been able to tap into, including the energies, passions and expertise of peers.“ -- Student from Trent University 

“The Summit broadened my mind and gave insight to what others are doing on campuses. It allowed me to expand my network, all while enjoying the natural surroundings and having a fun time.“ -- Student from University of Windsor 

Details on the Summit Program